5 Fun Ways to Improve Vocabulary

by Oluwatoni Peters
Kids who have mastered using words consciously, or finding the right words often, or using the right grammatical expressions most times are an obvious reflection of how rich their vocabularies are.
However, kids learn everyday. So there is room for improvement for kids struggling with vocabulary development in any language, especially the English Language.
How can kids learn new words progressively and permanently?
How can kids express themselves better in their conversations and in their writings?
Well, we have five everyday fun and interactive ways kids can improve their vocabulary.
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• Reading is an important tool to expand vocabulary; read something new. You can read short stories, magazines or novels. This also helps to broaden the scope of knowledge of kids.
Important tip: Take note of new words, understand the context the words can be used and check up the meaning of every new word in the dictionary.
• Listen to podcasts to help develop vocabulary through audio. Listen to podcasts in English on your favorite topics, or subject as this can help diversify your vocabulary with each new words you learn, their context of use and meaning.
• Use digital flashcards to help memorize words. This is a fun way to learn words. It provides creative and digital scenarios to understand how words can be used.
• Watch entertaining classical movies to help improve vocabulary. Through spoken words and actions portrayed in these films, it becomes exciting and easier to learn new words and improve one’s vocabulary.
• Practice makes you better. Take time to practice new words learnt, use innovative and interactive methods; create podcasts, teach someone, write a short story, keep a journal, read aloud to a younger person. Scrabble also provides an interactive way to learn and practice new words and develop vocabulary with your friends.

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