6 Tips for Guided Learning

by Oluwatoni Peters

Be an active observer. Note what catches your child’s attention the most and structure activities according to his preferences. Try to join your child during playtime so you can figure out how to best draw out his skills and talents

Be enthusiastic
Show enthusiasm in the type of play your child loves, and try to build interest in these areas.

Ask questions

Try to understand your child POV towards achieving the learning goal. Know why the child makes certain decisions.

Recognize learning opportunities
Whenever your child is engaged in an activity, try to find ways to turn them into learning opportunities. Incorporate learning concept into playtime. This allows topics that they discuss in school may be gently mixed with guided play to make it more fun and interesting.

Follow their lead
Never take control of the play, that is why it is called guided play. Keeping the child in control helps boost self confidence and nurture abilities and imaginative power of the child.

Celebrate your child
Celebrate anything your child has achieved no matter how small it is.
Even if the learning goal was not achieved, give encouragement.
This positive reinforcement will encourage him to continue exploring and learning. Rewards should be something they like.

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