by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

NaijaChamp is an annual Championship in Mathematics and English Language for Nigerian Secondary School students from JSS1-SS3. Students all over Nigeria are invited to apply for the championship. Students can apply online individually, or as a group (school). The championship is administered in 3 different ways: – Computer Based Testing (CBT) – CBT + paper-and-pencil test – Assessment within School locations (for schools with access to the internet and with computers and electricity). All information relating to the Championship (location and mode of assessment) is communicated to students online before the assessment date. Students have access to past questions and practice questions online to prepare them for the championship.

Winners are announced and a prize award event in which students, teachers, principals and schools are rewarded. Not less than 31 prizes are given in each of the championships and distributed as follows: 18 prizes for the best 3 students (1st/2nd/3rd) in each class category. 6 prizes for the 6 teachers whose students came 1st in each class category. 6 prizes for the principals whose schools came 1st in each of the class category. 1 special prize for the school with the most registered students in the championship. Visit www.learnpower.ng

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