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How Smart Boards Aid Classroom Learning

by Oluwatoni Peters

Technology has provided tools that have greatly improved learning. One of them is smart boards. Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard developed by SMART Technologies that combines the capabilities of a data projector and a whiteboard. Utilize the SMART Board to make intelligent presentations or during meetings to add notes or make changes to your report.

In conventional classroom teaching, the blackboard is the interface between the teacher and the teaching content, which is the interface between the student and the learning content. Presently, the whiteboard has supplanted the blackboard as the new interactive platform for classroom teaching.Smart board 1

Utilizing the electronic whiteboard to teach, the appeal is full and lively, with the goal that the teachers and students are fiery, cheerful, and feel the domain unique in relation to a conventional classroom. One might say that the electronic whiteboard technology gives a magnificent educational platform for teachers and students, so that rich teaching assets can completely apply their viability in classroom teaching, making classroom teaching more distinctive, exuberant, and invigorating.

Simultaneously, students can effectively partake in the teaching, enormously working on the independence and excitement of students’ learning, and accomplishing another teaching realm that couldn’t measure up to the conventional educational model.

How do smart boards help learning?

It enables interactive learning, which improves learning – Students learn best when they are completely focused on what they are doing. Involved learning is probably the most ideal approach to ensuring that this takes place. Smart Boards have the ability to be interactive, and that is probably one of the major benefits of using them. With this innovation, simultaneous use of the Smart Board in the classroom by every child is possible.

For instance, the teacher or a student can use their finger to “interact” with the screen by writing on it, and use tools to interact with images.  Most Smart Boards have separate areas, so many students can use these brilliant boards immediately. This interactive nature of the Smart Board gives students the capacity to compose, draw, or take notes on a tablet as well.

Smart technology offers access to online resources, which students can easily access for help with learning, project execution, or conducting research. A classroom experience can be such that it allows all students to view any website or video through a computer application. With a very robust store of knowledgeable databases, teachers are helped to reinforce their lessons with illustrations.

They are environmentally friendly –  The drive to “go green” is enhanced by the adoption of Smart Boards in the classroom. Photocopying and printing out a class set of documents involves loads and loads of paper. With these interactive boards, all these are eliminated, thereby saving our environment from the dumping of wasted paper and ink.

Technology Integration with Smart Boards –  An amazing advantage offered includes the ability of teachers to connect computers, video cameras, microscopes, other instruction aid tools, and virtually anything that facilitates learning.

Aids children in becoming aware of how to use technology in their daily lives –Real life experiences that have been captured, stored, and uploaded are provided through smart boards. For example, language learning visuals are supported more visually and audibly and contribute to visual memory. With the use of visual materials, some teachers say that students who watch videos about subject topics or through pictures grasp them easily and quickly.

Utilizing smart technology in the classroom can assist in raising testing scores, further developing student learning, improving proficiency, boosting mindfulness, and expanding understanding, to give some examples.Smart board 2

Teachers report that the main advantage that they find in their classrooms that utilize  Smart Boards is an increment in student engagement. These interactive boards give a remarkable chance for teachers to create a classroom climate where students with various learning styles can gain from one another. This simple-to-learn technology guarantees that both teachers and their students are developing the 21st-century skills that they need to prevail in this day and age.

One of the fundamental challenges of utilizing a smart board in the classroom is the fact that they are expensive. In contrast to a blackboard and chalk, which cost an exceptionally modest few hundred dollars, the price of an electronic smart whiteboard varies extravagantly from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Some others are:

high maintenance and complexity to manage

It is very delicate and not simple for every staff member to handle.

risk of breakage and high repair costs.

Software difficulties and problems

Smart boards have changed the learning experience and embracing their use is progress for education.

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