by Gracefield Maxcot

The world we live in has so advanced that it has left all those who are unable to meet up with its pace in the dark. Our literacy level must be improved upon on a continuous basis.Literacy

This is why top world organizations set apart a day in the year which is primarily aimed at reminding the international community of the unending importance of literacy to all individuals, religions, communities, and societies.

When is International Literacy Day celebrated?

Celebrated on the 8th of September every year, International Literacy Day awakens individuals to the need to support the global literacy movement, which is geared towards ensuring that a huge percentage of the world gets a basic education, both young and old.

What is literacy?

Literacy has become commonly limited to an individual’s ability to read and write. But it encompasses the totality of an individual’s cognitive advancement, which involves the ability to interpret, identify, communicate, and understand written and audio materials in varying contexts.

How do we improve literacy in the global world?

We have to include everyone, both young and old.

Most of the time, literacy awareness programs center on “catching them young.” That is, they focus more on educating young people while leaving the elderly ones behind. But in the real sense, when we involve both the young and old in literacy classes, the old get to see the importance of education and help ensure that the young ones are dedicated to it. Unlike when the elderly are not properly informed, they tend to feel like education is not necessary for anyone else since they are not involved in it.

Literacy classes should be taken in the native language.

Studies have proven that people learn and understand better when they are taught in their native language. This is because that is their default language of communication and the language that they are already used to hearing.

Literacy NativeIt is therefore suggested that student development materials like storybooks and educational videos should be created using the native language of the various communities where they are to be used, so that learning becomes more existing and more engaging, thereby producing better results.

Let’s together bridge the existing global literacy gap.


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