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International Day Of The Girl Child: 5 Benefits Of Exposure To Technology

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

On International Day of the Girl Child, the world is once again given the opportunity to focus on the girl child, especially in light of the persisting challenges confronting them globally.

The International Day of the Girl Child is a day globally recognized by the United Nations. It is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl.

In 1995, at the World Conference on Women in Beijing, nations collectively embraced the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – the most reformist plan ever for advancing the privileges of women as well as girls. The Beijing Declaration is the first to specifically call out girls’ rights.Girl Child 1

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to proclaim October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, recognizing girls’ rights and the unique difficulties girls face throughout the world.

October 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl Child. The observation upholds greater freedom for girls and builds attention to gender disparity faced by girls globally based on their gender. This disparity includes areas like easy access to education, lawful freedoms, sustenance, health care, and protection from discrimination, violence against girls and early child marriage.

In celebrating the day, it also “mirrors the fruitful rise of girls and young women as a distinct unit in policy development, programming, crusading and research.

What is the theme of 2021’s International Day of the Girl Child?

“The digital generation is our generation.” The theme for this year essentially focuses on getting girls in their millions working together with organizations like UNICEF to close the digital gap and accelerate opportunities for girls. For the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, this is a vital step in the right direction.

The Benefits of Exposing a Girl Child to Technology

  • Creativity and freedom of expression – The girl child, like her male counterparts, has huge minds; too huge to be contained. With the advent of technology, children now have a level playing field, as they can use PCs, tablets, and other devices to turn their ideas into reality. Some of these ideas could be the models for million-dollar businesses. The skills gained from interacting with technology also have a creative form of expression attached. Coding is a skill in which they can and do excel.
  • Socialization and relationship building – With no intention of scaring anyone, the odds of your child finding other children to interface and bond with over technology enormously outweigh the chances of other children who don’t utilize or like technology. Computer games, social media, mobile apps—these are altogether leisure activities and interests very much like sports, reading, and more. The chance for socialization with tech, then, at that point, is twofold. For one, the child can partake in such interests with other children as customers-actually, as they would over baseball cards or television programs-and two, they can likewise associate within the technologies, over live chat during computer game sessions, or on Facebook and elsewhere. What’s more, even past that, assuming they need to take their interests to a higher level and plan their own computer games or figure out how to code in a camp or class setting, that gives them one more opportunity to forge strong connections, as they’ll work together and learn with like-minded peers.Girl Child 2
  • Independence and empowerment-To begin with, a girl child can consider doing something cool, one-of-a-kind, fun, and so forth. Then, lay the groundwork and research that thing or idea further. With this done, she can start to get the wheels going to carry the plan to reality as a female entrepreneur. It must be noted that the tech world has so many offerings that support female entrepreneurs. With technology, the girl child can complete that cycle all alone! Without technology, who can say for sure how far they would get?
  • Entrepreneurial spirit – Interestingly, technology touches everything, which implies there are entrepreneurial possibilities to be found in many things tech also. Sure, there are positive and adverse consequences to YouTube, but the possibility to earn is real, even with something as straightforward as evaluating toys.
  • Job opportunities – Probably the best advantage of exposing a girl child to technology is the way they’ll be well-equipped to jump into a pool of available, lucrative tech jobs. That is to say, you can’t go a day without seeing news on the positive outlook of such occupations or testimonials concerning tech-related jobs. Tech occupations are here today. Tech occupations will be here tomorrow. A portion of the present tech will be the upcoming tech, and a portion of the upcoming tech will be totally fresh out of the plastic new and something our reality has never seen. Who will be ideally suited to fill those positions? The ones who begin adapting now.

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