Holy Child College

LearnPower’s Intervention Program with Holy Child College, Ikoyi, Lagos.

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

In 2017, we responded to an invitation arising from a cold email we sent to over 200 schools soliciting for application to our Annual NaijaChamp. Holy Child College, Ikoyi offered us an opportunity which we graciously utilized.

Sister Antoinette, the Administrator of Holy Child College, invited us within an hour she received our email and we were trying hard to pitch our Annual NaijaChamp to her and she stopped us at some point.

“I just took over the administration of Holy Child College. I want to succeed and what I met on ground isn’t pleasing. I’m not sure my girls in SS3 can pass the forthcoming external examinations.”

We knew we were being thrust into an uncharted territory.

What if you assess my girls and based on the results you get, you intervene in fixing all the problems they possibly could have had in Mathematics and English Language before they sit for their external examinations?”

We were excited. This is new for us. We’ve never run an intervention program before now.

Of course, we run an annual assessment for schools in Mathematics and English Language. We’ve never imagined running an intervention program to help students pass external examinations until we met the Holy Child College Administrator.

We stood up and requested to have the names of all the SS3 students and that year we assessed over 100 students. The results for the external examinations in 2017 for Mathematics and English Language were beyond the expectations of the Principal, the teachers and the students. So far we have assessed over 400 SS3 students.

We have continued with the intervention program since 2017 till date and with good results to show for all the intervention program we’ve undertaken in Holy Child College.

Basically, the intervention program enables LearnPower to gather data through the online assessments. The data generated becomes a signpost to be utilized in fixing the problems we have observed and also help the teachers to teach their students better.

In the end, everybody succeeds and the intervention program has become a permanent feature of the school.

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