Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles: 5 Ways to Support Your Child with Them

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

Math puzzles do wonders for children. Thinking of improving your kid’s mathematical capabilities? Give them math puzzles. Puzzles are an astounding method of improving a kid’s mathematical skills. With math puzzles, kids don’t only have a good time but are also able to apply critical thinking in taking care of intriguing issues.

When a child is confronted with challenging math questions, you readily appreciate the value of math puzzles for a child who has been using them. It gives the child an advantage as they improve enormously in their math’s results.

Examples include: Math crossword puzzles, Math problem search, Math riddles, Prodigy, KenKen, Pre-algebraic puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, Domino puzzle board, Magic Square, Kakuro, 2048, etc.Math Puzzles 1

Math puzzles give kids an opportunity to be focused on achieving set goals or objectives. Puzzles with splendid shadings and shapes are alluring to kids as well as very intriguing. Small kids are more at home with huge bits of jigsaw puzzles and can spend the whole day trying to resolve the complexity of such puzzles. Aside from the great learning component, there are a variety of formative advantages related to these mathematical puzzles for youngsters. Their level of cognizance and visual-spatial thinking improves immensely. Kids can acquire numerous new abilities while playing these number-related puzzles.

Improves Memory:

Playing math puzzles helps in working on the transient memory of kids, which assists with improving their performance in examinations. Puzzles reinforce synapses (the associations between our brain cells), which improve and ensure our memory is maintained. As we complete a puzzle, it expects us to recall pieces, shapes, measures, and, through our imagination, see how everything adds up. A puzzle makes it possible for kids to learn, for instance, the concept of a “whole” and that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture. Kids can also use their brains to efficiently utilize information. It likewise creates fundamental abilities like shape acknowledgment, fixation, objective setting, tolerance, and pride, which will place kids in an advantageous position for school.Math Puzzles

Cognitive Development: 

Cognitive learning is an effective approach that helps kids retain knowledge for longer periods of time. It draws in kids, so they are able to make us use of their cognitive functions like attention, creativity, decision-making, recollection, and solving problems to achieve a goal. The challenge of these math puzzles can be quite interesting, requiring deep thought, ingenuity, and, at times, tenacity to find a solution. Math puzzles for youngsters are consolidated with bright pictures and topics to engage their minds. Tackling such puzzles assists them with learning math better by seeing how these numerical ideas work in true circumstances.

Mental Exercise:

Our brain is divided into two halves, or hemispheres, with each part controlling different functions. The right brain handles creativity and emotions, whereas the left is concerned with logical and methodical things. Both sides of the brain work together collectively for a child to solve puzzles. By getting kids to solve puzzles, you can foster the two sides of their brains, giving a truly mental workout. Engaging the mind constantly additionally forestalls intellectual decline.

Math PuzzleCollaboration and Teamwork:

Teaching kids early in life the value of collaboration and teamwork can’t be overemphasized. Playing math puzzles at school is a collaborative activity that enhances kids’ collaborative skills. They see the value of team spirit and collaboration modelled right before them. Kids appreciate that they have and can play a vital role in the success of a group, which gives them satisfaction. With such skills in place early in life, their organizational skills, which are essential for future success, are established.

Improves the Intelligence Quotient (IQ):                                                         Are you considering increasing your child’s intelligence quotient? Let them have access to logical puzzles as they hold the potential for doing this. The fact that most of these puzzles are math-based and math as a subject helps us with critical thinking makes them a viable action sure to improve children’s IQ (level of intelligence) is the use of these logical puzzles.


Math puzzles are a fun-filled way of getting kids productively involved in acquiring life skills through learning. Educationally, kids are challenged to think their way out of the task before them. These puzzles come in different shapes and sizes and are designed based on math concepts specifically to help improve skills. Older kids have high-level math puzzles designed for them, and they are normally more difficult. We have listed some of them above, but more are available online. They are highly engaging and interesting for children to develop and improve their skills while learning.


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