2021 Naija Mathematics – English Championship

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon
It is the month for our Naija Mathematics-English Championship and we are excited about it!  We’re are now counting down towards our Nigeria’s Online Assessment for Secondary School students, JSS1-SS3.
Registration is open for the Naija Mathematics-English Championship .
Parents, Guardians and Teachers are welcome to register their children and students.
There are a few things to note about the Naija Mathematics-English championship:
*-The Naija Mathematics-English Championship is administered online, but it takes cognizance of schools in both rural settings without access to technology and schools in urban centers with access to technology. Every school/student need in relation to technology proficiency has been considered.*
*-The Naija Mathematics-English Championship is not only an online assessment, but also presents students with a well developed and formulated learning process. It’s not a case of learning to the test.*
*-The Championship assessment is based on core subjects curriculum for Mathematics and English Language without which students may not fare better in the other subjects on the curriculum.*
*The Annual Championship has helped schools develop insights into areas of weaknesses and strengths of both students and teaching faculties for improved learning outcomes for both students and teachers.*
*-The Annual Championship has provided students with tools that has helped improved learning outcomes in core subjects of Mathematics, Mathematical Thinking & Problem Solving and English Language.*
*-Registration is ongoing and it closes on May 29th for NaijaChamp Mathematics and on May 27th for NaijaChamp English Language. Assessment date is June 5th for Mathematics and May 29th for English Language.*
*-Early registration is advised for access to online practice with past questions.*

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