Naija Mathematics

Naija Mathematics-English Championships – Our Journey So Far

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

In the Beginning…

Our first foray into online learning, practice and assessment started on April 1, 2017, with our Annual Naija Mathematics Championship. Since then, we have been out each year with our annual Championship in both Mathematics and English Language. Our assessment has taken us to most states in Nigeria and has enabled us to reward outstanding students, teachers, principals and schools. Each year, our championships reward no less than 62 people, a minimum of 31 individuals each in Mathematics and English Language.

About the 2021 Naija Mathematics-English Championships

1. Both Championships are organized almost simultaneously, only separated by one week.

2. Registration is fully online and it recognizes two unique users – individuals and Groups (schools registering their students)

3. Online payment has been integrated to the Remita platform with many options to process payment. Remita is also a partner to LearnPower.

4. Applicants have a choice of selecting an assessment type. Three (3) assessment types are possible:

(a) Computer Based Test – for applicants who elect to use approved testing centers.

(b) Computer Based Test plus Pencil-and-paper (for individuals and schools without internet access, electricity and computer devices). Ideal for schools in rural locations, or schools without access to digital infrastructure.

(c) School Locations – for schools that have access to the internet, electricity and computer devices.

5. Students will be issued usernames and passwords upon completion of registration and full payment before the assessment date. Ensure students keep their usernames and password to be used on the assessment day.

5. We’ve built a new website with the following unique features:

(a) all past questions/answers and practice questions can be accessed on the website.

(b) a testing platform is now available to assess and reward students on an ongoing weekly basis.

(d) a record of the performance of the student is archived and can be shared with teachers, parents and guardians.


So far, we have given out prizes worth N5M for the four Championships we have organized so far.

Prizes on offer for the 2021 Naija Mathematics Championship and Naija English Championship are as follows:

• 18 prizes to the best students (1st/2nd/3rd) in the 6 class categories of JSS1-SS3

• 6 prizes to the teachers of the best students (1st only) in the 6 class categories.

• 6 prizes to the Principals/Administrators of the best students (1st only) in the 6 class categories.

• 1 special prize to the Principal/Administrator of the school with the highest number of registered students.

Prizes also depend on the general performance in the championship. While we promised a total of 31 prizes for the 2018 Naija Mathematics Championship, we ended giving out a total of 44 prizes because of the outstanding performance of the students that year.

Some of the schools we’ve served in previous Championships

1. Queen’s College, Yaba

2. Holy Child College, Ikoyi

3. St. Finbarr’s College, Akoka

4. Methodist Girls High School, Yaba

5. St. Jude’s Private School, Festac

6. Landmark College, Ikorudu

7. International School, University of Ibadan, Oyo State

8. International School, University of Lagos

9. Kabe College, Festac Town

10. Harfard College, Ketu

11. Dominican College, Mafoluku

12. Laureates College, Ikeja

13. Laurastephens Schools, Lekki

15. Deeper Life High Schools in 22 States in Nigeria

16. Chosen International Secondary School, Festac Town

17. Penny International College, Orile-Coker

18. Princeton College, Surulere

19. Perfection Gate Academy

20. Tindip College, Ikorodu

21. Tunwase High School, Ikeja

22. Air force Secondary School, Ikeja

23. Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja

24. Our Lady of Apostles, Yaba

25. Baptist Academy, Obanikoro

26. Radiance College, Festac Town

27. Archbishop Howell Memorial College

28. Heritage Home School, Ikorodu

29. Oshodi Comprehensive High School

30. State High School, Oshodi



Please visit and navigate the website to register, pay, practice, download past questions and read the LearnPower blog.

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