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Reading: 9 Ways Effective Teachers Help Students Become Successful


Getting to school in the kindergarten class, Nathan had already started reading from home but was puzzled at how a certain teacher made reading a pleasant listening experience.

He really enjoyed how she read “Janet and John” to his tender ears and this remained with him for life.

Here are 9 things Nathan observed and appreciated about such teachers, as well as why he became not just a voracious reader but ultimately a good listener:

1. Effective teachers genuinely care about their students –One of the qualities of an effective teacher is that these teachers feel special and respected to be a part of their students’ lives. They discover what their students are interested in as a result of their interactions with them, and they later learn more about those interests. In doing this, they are adequately involved with their class and this helps them design lesson plans and reading materials that are both relevant and invigorating to their students.

2. Possess a good listening ability-Listening to students and being a good listener is important when building a worthwhile and long-term relationship with trust and mutual respect as its hallmark. The teachers that pay attention to their students by listening properly to them get significant insight into the lives of their students. Students are bound to request extra help while battling with reading or different subjects if they are in an environment where they realize they will be given serious attention for resolving reading and other issues.

3. Set aside a few minutes for each student – Teachers who set aside a few minutes for each student independently can see which students should be tested on their reading and which ones are struggling and could benefit from some extra help.

4. Discover Something New Daily-We have those that “practice what they preach” and are enthusiastic with regards to learning and reading. They are the best role models for their students. Teachers that endeavor to discover and gather some new information consistently, regardless of whether it be through reading best sellers, keeping abreast of relevant issues in the environment, or just paying attention to a colleague, will motivate their students to become life-long learners as well.

5. Let the Classroom have a Positive Atmosphere-For students that might be battling with reading or different subjects, a cheerful classroom with smiles and benevolent words would be amazing for studies as well as go a long way towards relieving tension. One more characteristic of an effective teacher is that they are reliably playful, which empowers their students to have a sense of safety in their learning environment. As educators, we realize that there are students that will definitely irritate us every now and then, and we respect teachers that decide to use humor as opposed to allowing circumstances like that to acrid their temperament.

6. Continually Search for Ways to Become Better-The best teachers didn’t become that way in the short term. They continually search for ways of working on their art and aren’t reluctant to attempt new things (regardless of whether they don’t appear to work the initial time around). These teachers are goal-getters and will persist until they succeed at their desired goal.

7. Team up with other teachers-For more productivity as a teacher, one should be part of a team. Teamwork makes the dream work, as it’s often said. Paying special attention to each other and having a brainstorming session together isn’t just an extraordinary way of making significant kinships, yet it likewise uncovers intelligent solutions for teachers. Furthermore, trading thoughts with different teachers can provide insight for improving the classroom once well executed.

8. Foster Relationships with Parents To achieve success in the education of a child, everyone must be on board and focused, as this is a significant factor that decides how inspired the child will be throughout his or her educational pursuit and reading development. Teachers that establish free and open correspondence with parents will accomplish outcomes that are to the greatest advantage and interest of their students.

9. Keep the Classroom Well Organized at all times-Every teacher loves an organized classroom and lesson plans. They appreciate each other for thinking of better approaches to make them more effective as teachers. Teachers that are perceived to “have it together” regularly have established an environment of regard for classroom organization and regard for keeping focused.

Reading for students will be effectively facilitated and make them successful readers and invariably successful in their studies.

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