Six Simple Interesting Ways for Parents to Maximize Remote Learning Experience For Kids

by Oluwatoni Peters

It is known that with the covid-19 pandemic came the deviation from the norm of learning in traditional school environments to the adaptation of remote learning. The adoption of online learning has been accepted partially or completely in school systems; either ways, it is a learning method that is that is beyond a transition period.

The teachers, and school administrators are researching ways to improve formative assessment of kids using the remote learning process and ensure the standards of learning is maintained. But the parents are now more involved in the child’s learning, even though the parents are not professionals they must now learn how to fill in the gaps of the teacher’s physical presence—or the lack thereof.

Parents and Guardians role in kids online learning is quite crucial as the children undertake their lessons outside the classrooms. They are required to provide support for the children through the virtual learning process to ensure it is successful, but also the parents require tips, skills and need to be prepared for this role to ensure successful online learning.
How can parents help their kids prepare for online learning and improve formative assessment in online learning outside classrooms?

Learnpower,  an EdTech Organization( shares a few helpful tips for successful remote learning

1. Create safe learning environment for the kids: trying to make children learn in any space at home can be quite unsuitable and can prevent assimilation by children as this is not a familiar learning environment instead creating a space that is a representation of their classrooms and comfortable.

2. Have a power schedule: it is called a power schedule because lessons, task, mini projects (when required), breaks are noted. This helps the parent prioritize activities and track progress of child through remote learning.

3. Interactive Sessions: Parents and Guardians should request digital interactive assignments for their kids from school administrators and teachers. These sessions will engage parents in child’s online learning and encourage better bonding.

4. Allow breaks: The process shouldn’t only about the daily lessons, permit kids to take short breaks by going outside or engaging in fun activities so they can be stress free and better stimulated for learning.

5. Ask for help: Parents don’t have it figured out neither are they professionals. Being a teacher takes learning so, seek advice from Teachers and Administration this helps you understand the process.

6. Adapt the above tips to your child and how it will work for you as a parent and guardian.


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