The Pros and Cons of online learning

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

Online learning increases access to education for many different types of people.

Online learning increases access to education for many different types of people. Honestly the pros greatly outweigh the cons when it comes to online learning – the ability to pick up either a phone or system with an internet connection and learn virtually anything is in itself a blessing to us I personally know how many courses I’ve started and finished during this pandemic period and how many times I’ve searched a particular thing on Google today alone 1. The number one benefit of online learning is the ability to learn virtually anything anywhere, all we need is basically an internet connection she an internet enabled device 2. Information can now move freely among learners, no one has the right to say “I don’t know” in this day and age as the lockdown period this year has proved that irrational 3. So many people have learned how to start multiple online businesses and even start and finish short courses as well as full degrees as shown in more technology advanced countries Many countries actually didn’t stop school even with the whole corona virus thing and even most private varsities continued online education when the pandemic was still very rife and honestly I feel a university like University of Lagos would’ve been a part of that if not for the nationwide ASUU strike. The concept of virtual classes has really taken on a new meaning during this period and most schools and students are even opting for virtual over physical classes 4. They look very good on a CV. Most employers will preferably employ a worker who’s gotten other online courses to show how dedicated and committed they are to learning and their personal growth 5.

Most online courses are self-paced meaning you get to take them without any deadline as opposed to traditional schools. And this allows for mad flexibility and even better understanding of the entire course work 5. And then they cost significantly lower than normal school most times going for free while also allowing an unmatched level of comfort These are my points as major benefits of online learning Honestly me thinking of bad sides or disadvantages to this is completely absurd to me because I feel online learning has made learning so much better.

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