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Virtual Coding Tech Summer Camps For Teenagers – A New World Beckons

by Oluwatoni Peters

Virtual Coding is touching the lives of teenagers in numerous ways allowing them to make great inventions.

Everywhere we turn, there is an advocacy for STEM learning for kids to adapt themselves to real-life situations, more so the inclusive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics) education. Computer code runs the world – and computer programming careers are ranked as the top opportunities in any industry.

Also, the world would be running completely on programming in the nearest future, and it requires coding and more codes! How can kids be a part of this process in the present technology age?

Our traditional schools can’t teach kids all the coding skills we need, as they strive to create a balance.

What is Virtual Coding? Virtual Coder is an interactive puzzle game that teaches programming principles and introduces JavaScript using a block-based programming approach. In this game users will use their problem-solving skills to get the robot to the goal while learning the basics of programming.

Why Virtual Coding?
Virtual programming ensures an extended reach to a bigger portion of the populace by connecting with members from various distant areas in huge or little gatherings. Diminished contest for office space and negligible climate-related disturbances to programming. Adaptability to foster imaginative contributions.

What are the Benefits of Coding?
1. Coding and programming professions have great earning potential.
2. Coding-related jobs remain in high demand.
3. Coding capacity gives a new viewpoint to critical thinking.
4. Learning to code offers flexibility in career progression.
5. Learning to code can be a fun bonding opportunity for families.
6. Coding can be valuable in positions you probably won’t anticipate.

Coding Summer Boot Camps now offer live interactive virtual classes. The aim is to increase accessibility to coding summer boot camps in your location.

Organizers of virtual coding boot camps make the class as interactive as possible with hands-on project, real-time feedbacks from tutors, breakout rooms for class interaction

Virtual Coding Boot Camps for kid and Teenage Coders

1. Powerup Tech Academy: Kids will learn to make video games, apps, websites, and more, depending on the camp. They will acquire foundational skills for high school, college, and beyond.Camps are open to kids from age 8 to 16. Languages and topics include Scratch, Minecraft Modding, Mobile Apps, Python, Javascript, and Unity.

2. Create & Learn: offers some of the top K-12 online coding summer camps designed by Google and Stanford experts. They offer Scratch, Python, Roblox, Minecraft, AI, Robotics, Arduino, Cloud Computing, and so many more! All camps are live with no more than 5 students per class to improve class interaction. Create & Learn also hosts free online kids’ events where industry experts.Virtual Reality Experience

3. iDTech: This camp is great for game development. They offer virtual coding camp options or in-person camps. Kids between 7 and 19 can join all types of programming camps involving coding with scratch, python game development, coding apps with java, and more. Package includes beginners and advanced.

4. 4-H Spartan Coding Camp is a virtual coding summer camp offered by MSU Extension aimed at high school students. Students learn about programming languages like Javascript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Rails. Also, learn Github and create a portfolio for their projects.

5. Code Advantage: offers online coding camps with LIVE instructors via Zoom for children 6-13 years old. Over 35 classes are offered including 3D video game design, Scratch, Python, Web Development and Minecraft/Roblox based coding classes. Groups contain up to 7 students for optimal learning.

Coding for teenagers is a significant expertise, particularly in the present computer-centric world. At the point when you’re a young person, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to begin. When you get familiar with the fundamentals of programming like control flow, factors, and capacities in a single language, it turns out to be a lot simpler to become familiar with another language.

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