Vocational Skills

Vocational Skills: A Clarion Call To All Parents

by Guest Columnist

by  Olasunkanmi Macklin

A skill is the capacity to do something well in technique and creativity.
Skills are usually acquired or learned, as opposed to innate abilities.
Vocational skills are specialised knowledge that gives an edge in life.Vocational Skills 2
A vocational school provides specialized training for achieving success in life.
Today’s article is to stress the need for all parents to make a choice.
Embrace vocational skills for your children.

In the beginning, vocational skills were the main thing for everyone.
At that time, every family had a vocation they were known for.
There were the Smiths, known for smithing gold, iron, and copper.
Carpenters were the best and most skilled woodworkers.
The bricks, builders, and masons were those familiar with building.
It worked in the beginning, and it can work again for our benefit.

We have classified the work into professional and non-professional categories.
We erroneously categorized vocational skills as unprofessional.
Our parents don’t see value in the acquisition of these vital skills.
No wonder now there is a dearth of great artisanship that thrills.
Yet, those who chose to acquire the skills now earn so much in bills.

Nigeria’s economy today needs the vibrancy of this sector.
Many so-called unskilled jobs are contracted out to foreigners.
No thanks to the misdirection of parents and teachers alike,
We have replaced hand skills with head theories and the like.Vocational 1
If things change, we must be prepared to change also.
The way forward now is to give our children vocational skills.

Let’s begin to reposition our children towards skill acquisition. .
The future of everyone lies in accepting their nature to be nurtured.
It is not out of place to have a welder, plumber, or carpenter son.
In fact, a hairdresser or seamstress daughter may thrive more.
than so-called professionals who are unsatisfied in their core.

Vocational skill acquisition can be introduced during vacation.
You can start by first identifying the children’s interests.
Train them and let them focus on their interests.
They’ll come in song as they are made to belong to the throngs.
That’s not only thriving in theories but excelling in practicals.

This is the clarion call to all parents.
Expose your child to vocational skills now.
It will thrill them and help pay many of the bills as they grow.

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Olasunkanmi Macklin November 2, 2021 - 12:19 pm

An eye opener to all. Interesting write up. Kudos!

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