Weekly NaijaChamp

Winners for the Weekly NaijaChamp – Week 89

by Muyiwa Gam-Ikon

Here we present our last week’s winners for the Weekly NaijaChamp for secondary school students (JSS1-SS3).

The first and second winners on our leaderboard in the 89th week were;

JSS1 – Semilore Ayanfeoluwa (1st)Weekly NaijaChamp
JSS1 – John Aina (2nd)

JSS2 – Adewale Bolu (1st)
JSS2 – Lekan Oluwasesan (2nd)

JSS3 – Khadijah Yussuf (1st)
JSS3 – Anuoluwapo Ayanfeoluwa (2nd)

SSS1 – Sofiyah Abdulhadi (1st)
SSS1 – James Oluwasesan (2nd)

SSS2 – Hafsoh Abdulhadi (1st)
SSS2 – Fajemisin Opeyemi Samuel (2nd)

SSS3 – Oluwatimilehin Aina (1st)
SSS3 – Abdulroheeem Igbehinadun (2nd)

These winners will be contacted and rewarded with their choice of airtime recharge cards.

This continues to be a long walk for all students as our weekly questions in 5 subjects are posted weekly – Mathematics, English Language, Mathematical Thinking & Problem Solving, Nigerian History, and Critical Thinking

Winners are encouraged to share their stories with family and friends. We hope to see more students participate in the Weekly NaijaChamp as well as learn and practice on https://learnpower.ng/

We thank all our winners, principals, and parents who encouraged their students and children to register for the weekly competition.



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